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Embroidered 4 You and Yarn 2
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September news

Hope everyone has been able to get on the site.  Well Da , if not you wouldn't be here.
I just want to let you know that I have the yarn for the Special Olympics scarf.  Redheart is sponsors for the olympics and you have to use delft blue and white if you are going to make scarf's to send in. I just got it in and it is $3.19 per skein. You can go to redheart site or special olympic site for the details.
Mid September news: Hi Girls, Just got phone and internet up and running for now. I would like to welcome all new customers. We are here to help you so if you need anything let someone know. Reminder of Suesday on Sept 23. Everything is 10% off your purchase if your name is Sue.(Won't be checking your drivers lis or birth cert.) We had a great time on hat-attack day. Some pic are attached. Michele got a ringer on the corn hole. She is now the official corn star. HA HA By the was I forgot to pick up 2 corn hole bags and Jason said he didn't see them when he mowed and they made a great big puff. Sorry Jason, not My killer hat should arrive today. Gail and Sue are sending theirs out also. You guys are fast knitters. Didn't help I took 4 dips in the frog pond. Trying to stay dry now. It is a really nice pattern if anyone would like it. It is on Ravelry. I can now get Brittany needles if anyone is interested let me know soon. I have a week to order at a discount. If there is anything you would like me to carry let me know so I can get it in. I have started a new program that for each $300.00 you spend I will give you a $20 gift card. I have been keeping track of all purchases, so you won't have to worry about that. The holidays are coming fast, if there is a special project you want to do let me know or if special yarn needed. Remind anyone who want to know what you want for Christmas that a gift card would be real nice. I can also start a wish list also. Guess that is all for now. Have a nice weekend. Hope everyone is power back up again. Hearing not all are. Elaine

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