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Embroidered 4 You and Yarn 2
Double Basket Weave Hat
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by Gail Bable , copyright July, 2009


Materials:  3 oz. Worsted weight yarn

Size 6,7,or 8 circular needle amd matching sized double points

Yarn needle for weaving ends

Basketweave Pattern:

Row 1,3: *P3, K1*

Even Rows: Knit

Rows 5,7: P1, *K1, P3* end P2

Cast on : 64 sts (toddler), 72 sts (child)

80 sts adult

Ribbing: K2, P2 around for approx. 2”

Begin pattern rows and Knit pattern rows for 4” toddler, 5” child, 6” adult

Begin decrease rows:

Row 1: K 6, K 2 tog, repeat around

Row 2 and all even: Knit

Row 3: K4, K 2 tog, repeat around

Row 5: K3, K2 tog, repeat around

Row 7:K2,  K 2 tog, repeat around

Row 9: K1, K 2 tog , repeat around

Row 11: K2 tog around until 4 to 6 sts remain.

 Break off yarn leaving a 10” tail and weave yarn through remaining stitches. Fasten off and weave in ends.






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